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50 Things Every Guy Should Know How to Do

Celebrity and Expert Advice on Living Large

For every guy who’s ever wondered how to start a business, get a job in sports, survive in prison—or program a VCR—50 Things Every Guy Should Know How to Do is the one irreplaceable source for all the answers. The guy’s guide to 50 essential skills—by the guys (and gals) who know best Daniel Kline and Jason Tomaszewski go straight to the experts, obtaining advice on joke-telling from Woody Allen, weight-loss secrets from Richard Simmons, and fashion tips from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s Carson Kressley. Within these pages, you’ll learn how to: • Bluff like a Pro: poker legend Amarillo Slim offers ten keys to No-Limit Texas Hold’Em • Pimp your ride: West Coast Customs’ Q shares the best ways to trick out your car • Land a gig on a reality TV show: Mark Cronin, producer ofThe Surreal Life, gives the inside scoop • Cheat on your wife: Judith Brandt, author of The 50 Mile Rule: Your Guide to Infidelity and Marital Etiquette, offers her take

GET. DRESSED. FOR. A. DATE. Carson Kressley, member of Queer Eye for the
Straight Guy's “Fab Five” As told to ... Going on a date is kind of like going on an
interview (well, not exactly)—you want to make the best possible first impression.

How to Make Your Car Handle

Offers instructions for tuning or modifying all car parts for improved handling, safety, and performance

Oval-track race cars have weight jacking screws easily accessible for fast
adjustments at the track. For best performance, start out with zero weight jacking
in the shop, and make final adjustments at the track. The typical setting is to
reduce the ...

Mahatma Gandhi and His Apostles

Ved Mehta’s book on Gandhi (1977) is one of the great portraits of the political leader. Travelling the world to talk to Gandhi’s family, friends and followers, drawing his daily life in exacting detail, Mehta gives us a nuanced and complex picture of the great man and brings him vividly alive.

Its conductor, a Boer, would not let Gandhi sit inside with him and his other
passengers, who all happened to be Europeans that day, but said he must sit
next to the coachman, on the coach box. Gandhi protested but did as he was


The Father of the Nation

On his passport he was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The poet Rabindranath Tagore gave him the title ‘Mahatma’- the great soul- but he was rather uncomfortable with that. Nelson Mandela calls him a ‘sacred warrior’; others describe him as the ‘the saint of the spinning wheel’ and we now declare him as our ‘Father of the Nation’. A courageous freedom fighter; a shrewd politician; a passionate social reformer and a staunch nationalist; Mahatma Gandhi was all this and much more. He was the most unusual leader this country has seen; and one of the most influential personalities whose name is synonymous with India’s independence. He was the one who touched the lives of millions; whose ideals of satyagraha and ahimsa inspired great leaders of the world; and who could make the entire country come to a halt by going on a fast. Through a vivid narrative; author Subhadra Sen Gupta recreates the life and legacy of this phenomenal leader to portray the man beneath the simple handspun clothes; who ate saltless vegetables and bitter neem chutney; who greeted kings and paupers alike; who walked 240 miles at the age of sixty to break the Salt Law; and whose entire life was dedicated to truth and to peace. Even today as we read inspirational accounts of Gandhiji’s life and talk of gandhigiri; we know that his ideals are alive and relevant to today’s generation.

A courageous freedom fighter; a shrewd politician; a passionate social reformer and a staunch nationalist; Mahatma Gandhi was all this and much more.

Mastering the Art of French Eating

From Paris Bistros to Farmhouse Kitchens, Lessons in Food and Love

The memoir of a young diplomat’s wife who must reinvent her dream of living in Paris—one dish at a time When journalist Ann Mah’s diplomat husband is given a three-year assignment in Paris, Ann is overjoyed. A lifelong foodie and Francophile, she immediately begins plotting gastronomic adventures à deux. Then her husband is called away to Iraq on a year-long post—alone. Suddenly, Ann’s vision of a romantic sojourn in the City of Light is turned upside down. So, not unlike another diplomatic wife, Julia Child, Ann must find a life for herself in a new city. Journeying through Paris and the surrounding regions of France, Ann combats her loneliness by seeking out the perfect pain au chocolat and learning the way the andouillette sausage is really made. She explores the history and taste of everything from boeuf Bourguignon to soupe au pistou to the crispiest of buckwheat crepes. And somewhere between Paris and the south of France, she uncovers a few of life’s truths. Like Sarah Turnbull’s Almost French and Julie Powell’s New York Times bestseller Julie and Julia, Mastering the Art of French Eating is interwoven with the lively characters Ann meets and the traditional recipes she samples. Both funny and intelligent, this is a story about love—of food, family, and France.

... too; his shoulders appeared tense. “I'm starting to get a little sad,” I admitted in
a small voice as we picked sprigs of wild thyme from a corner of the garden. “Me,
too,” he said. “Don't think about it,” he added. Instead we ranked all the meals ...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Latin, 3rd Edition

Whether interested in Latin or just seeking a deeper understanding of English, readers will find a fun alternative to the standard dusty tomes usually associated with Latin. Included in this revised edition are updated vocabulary lists relevant to today's world, expanded pronunciation guides, Latin-to-English and English-to-Latin translation, and a workbook of exercises, reading passages, and tools for greater comprehension of the language. In 2002, the number of high school students taking Latin tests for college credit had risen 95% since 1993. According to CNN, educators are increasingly turning toward Latin to improve student performance in reading, math, and science. Perfect reference tool for Law School, medical school, music school, and other graduate school students faced with getting through a Latin course as a requirement.

All Latin verbs have principal parts—forms from which all the tenses are created.
All verbs have the present, imperfect, and future tenses, and most have the
present, past, and future perfect tenses as well. Review Chapter 10 and
Appendix B.

Dead Sleep

They are called "The Sleeping Women." A series of unsettling paintings in which the nude female subjects appear to be not asleep, but dead. Photojournalist Jordan Glass has another reason to find the paintings disturbing...The face on one of the nudes is her own-or perhaps the face of her twin sister, who disappeared and is still missing. At the urging of the FBI, Jordan becomes both hunter and hunted in a search for the anonymous artist-an obsessed killer who seems to know more about Jordan and her family than she is prepared to face...

A pork loin with what smells like honeyandbrownsugar glaze, cheese grits,
cathead biscuits, and a token salad. After months of Asian food, these smells from
childhood nearly overwhelm my senses. Jane is everywhere around me. She
and I were raised knowing nothing of fine china, so naturally she spent months
deciding on the fine old Royal Doulton pattern that sits before me now. Same with
the Waterford crystal and Reed & Barton silver. “It looks terrific, doesn't it?” I tell


A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything

Cult bestseller, new buzz word... Freakonomics is at the heart of everything we see and do and the subjects that bedevil us daily: from parenting to crime, sport to politics, fat to cheating, fear to traffic jams. Asking provocative and profound questions about human motivation and contemporary living and reaching some astonishing conclusions, Freakonomics will make you see the familiar world through a completely original lens.

Kennedy, a folklorist at heart, apparently wanted to put across the most dramatic
story possible, and therefore included not only his own antiKlan activities but
those of another man, codenamed John Brown. Brown was a union worker and a
former Klan official who had changed his ways and offered to infiltrate the Klan. It
was John Brown who apparently performed many of the most dramatic and
dangerous episodes portrayed in The Klan Unmasked—physically attending
Klan ...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Private Investigating, Third Edition

The mystique of private investigating draws significant numbers of people to consider it as a career or side business. At the same time, individuals want to learn investigative techniques to solve their own personal and legal problems. In The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Private Investigating, Third Edition, private investigator and former FBI agent Steven Kerry Brown shares his hard-won expertise on everything you need to know to track down people and information, including: - Tapping phones and recording conversations - Interviewing and interrogating to get important information - Tricky but legal ways to get needed evidence like the pros - Performing onsite, online, and mobile surveillance without being detected - Skip tracing to find lost loves or people who owe money - Investigating backgrounds of potential employees or spouses - Searching public records online and at the courthouse - Catching a cheating spouse and gathering evidence for divorce cases - Finding runaway teenagers - Doing diligent searches connected with adoptions and estates - Tracking down burglars, thieves, pickpockets, and purse snatchers - Advanced techniques and business advice for those interested in starting their own investigative or background screening agency Along the way, Brown shares fascinating stories from his cases that highlight his clever methods for tracking down evidence and helping his clients find out what they need to know.

Steven Kerry Brown. come in handy for later use in court. If you see lumber or a
pallet of bricks in the back and they have a company name on the delivery label,
jot it down. I recommend using your cell phone camera for this little adventure, in
case someone is watching. Also be prepared with a large manila envelope with
your subject's name on it. In case a neighbor approaches you, you can use the
pretext that you have some papers for your subject. If he offers to deliver them for
you, ...

The Love You Make

An Insider's Story of the Beatles

Here is the national bestseller that Newsday called “the most authoritative and candid look yet at the personal lives…of the oft-scrutinized group.” In The Love You Make, Peter Brown, a close friend of and business manager for the band—and the best man at John and Yoko’s wedding—presents a complete look at the dramatic offstage odyssey of the four lads from Liverpool who established the greatest music phenomenon of the twentieth century. Written with the full cooperation of each of the group’s members and their intimates, this book tells the inside story of the music and the madness, the feuds and the drugs, the marriages and the affairs—from the greatest heights to the self-destructive depths of the Fab Four. In-depth and definitive, The Love You Make is an astonishing account of four men who transformed the way a whole generation of young people thought and lived. It reigns as the most comprehensive, revealing biography available of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Includes 32 pages of rare and revealing photos A Literary Guild® Alternate Selection

Here is the national bestseller that Newsday called “the most authoritative and candid look yet at the personal lives…of the oft-scrutinized group.” In The Love You Make, Peter Brown, a close friend of and business manager for the ...