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How to Sell YOU...and Your Product, Service, or Idea

"This highly readable, compelling, practical book brillantly empowers the reader with simple secret steps explaining how to successfully sell 'YOU...Your Product, Service, or Idea'. Whether a layman or expert in the art of salesmanship, your life will never be the same----this is a priceless gift for everyone who desires success in life. " Dr. Tolulope O. Filani, Chair, Department of Visual and Performing Arts, South Carolina State University. "This author has a unique perspective and arguably continued success in the Corporate world and the Small Business arena. She is an experienced Entrepreneur. Whether by social media or face-to-face dialogue, Gloria Wadsworth takes us along her journey to each and every goal she set and met in her career." Marilyn D. Johnson, Vice President, Market Development, IBM Corporation "In 'How to Sell YOU and Your Product or Service', Gloria Wadsworth provides an energized formula for any individual looking to advance a relationship, gain agreement, or win the business. In today's knowledge-based environment, Wadsworth approaches selling with a repository or resources to empower you with strategies and tactics to successful selling. The secret is...It all starts with YOU!" Michael Levin, Seven-Time Best Selling Author and Radio Host

And great customer service is what differentiates customers from competitors. So
smile and make a great first impression! ... Exuberating confidence might start
with a firm handshake and good eye contact during an initial meeting with the ...

The Champagne Life

Starts Promoting Parties at Age 15...Networked with Industry's Elite by Age 20...Owns Star-Studded Nightclub by Age 22

Entertainments industry leaders portray a rags to riches phenomenon that suggests that those who become successful simply transition from the sidewalk to the Bentley overnight. Hip-Hop culture celebrates the luxurious lifestyle but often ignores the journey of making it to the top. The Champagne Life is the often humorous and ironic, incredibly true story of Kobie Randolph, his alter ego, The World Famous DJ K-LUV and his road to breaking into the entertainment industry. The Champagne Life allows its readers to walk in the shoes of Kobie Randolph as a 15-year-old high school student with a big imagination, and high ambitions of becoming a successful party promoter. Through his college experiences at Tennessee State University, he is able to share the road map to building an event-marketing empire and explains how his constant hustle takes him places and positions him in situations unimaginable. The Champagne Life highlights the relationships Kobie has established with the entertainment industrys elite and the sacrifices he undertook to establish them. Kobie has brushed shoulders with the likes of: Diddy, Lil Wayne, T.I., Russell Simmons, Taraji P. Henson, Meagan Good and Beyonce Knowles-Carter just to name a few. Take the journey with Kobie Randolph as he shares the true story on how he made his dreams become a reality by opening his very own star-studded nightclub in 2010 at the young age of 22 making him the youngest nightclub owner in America. Through hard work, ambition and a big imagination, Kobie tells his true life story on how he makes it to The Champagne Life.

But this particular trip needed to be a game changer for me. This trip wasn't about
taking pictures with people who I admired. It was about turning my dreams into
reality. This time I thought it would be best to fly out to L.A. alone. Not because I ...

Mastering the Art of Success

Whether success is in your blood, or something you are seeking out, Mastering the Art of Success will give you the guidelines of focussing on being the best you can be. Cabral takes simple stories, lessons and philosophies from Eastern and Western sources and relates them in an easy to understand and down to earth way. Cabral has lectured to large crowds and coached individuals sharing with them his insights and empowering them with his "To the Top and Never Stop" philosophy.

... stomach was conditioned I still had to face the fear of getting hit in the stomach.
Daily we would stand in a corner and have our partner punch our stomachs.
Getting hit over and over in the stomach accustomed me as to know how to tense

Silent Battlefields

Selig Kruger, once a dedicated Hitler Youth and committed Nazi soldier, confronts his past when he meets Eva, the woman whose life he spared nearly thirty years ago. She remembered learning from the bear man shortly after the incident that two German soldiers were killed by a third. Perhaps he was the one who took their lives. She believed that if she were ever to find out the answers, now was not the time to deluge him with her emotions and questions. Her persistent gaze released a rush of memories flooding Selig's mind. In the secret space of his consciousness he saw a young, frightened girl huddling on the floor of an attic closet. Without even thinking about it Selig placed his index finger vertically against his lips. It was the same gesture Selig had performed twenty-eight years ago on the attic floor of a house in a Polish village. "It's really you then?" Eva asked in astonishment. Selig was stunned at the realization that this was, indeed, the same young girl whose life he had spared. The same girl whose destiny he had obsessed about over almost three decades.

Shortly afterward, he was sitting in Dr. Kenneth Klein's office. “Ken, I think I have
cancer,” Nathan blurted out. “Hold on there a minute. How about if you let me
handle the diagnosing?” Nathan told Ken about the red lump with the outer crust
that ...

April and Anderson

Anderson Woodbury has just completed his Ph.D. and is now ready to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a Sports Psychologist. But first he has agreed to holiday in Britain at the invitation of a long-time friend, April Brooker, who has come out of retirement to play in the mixed doubles at Wimbledon with a notorious Australian. Anderson plans to make the most of the opportunities presented by his celebrity vacation, but almost from his arrival at Heathrow, he is confronted with unpleasant surprises and challenges which test his professional training and his character. Confused and friendless, Anderson fights to bring his emotions under control: he must draw on all his resources if he is to salvage his future happiness. Other titles in this series include: Games of Consequence Playing Advantage Other Books by John Dutch include: April Brooker April Brooker: The Tournament April Brooker and Emily McLean April Brooker: The Family Sunshine When I Need a Hand

It seemed that James, a fairly reasonable sized twenty eight year old didn't work
either but 'helped Mrs around the house'. James had been a guest, but some
difficulties had sprung up leaving James in need of cash, so James had stayed
on, ...

The Dynamics of Human Resources

A Journey Into the Noble Practice of Managing Human Capital

The human resources department performs an indispensable function for companies large and small. It's not the battlefield viewed by some, but is an integral part of any business. In The Dynamics of Human Resources, author Yasser Al Salman uses his own experiences as an HR executive to provide a focused look at human resource variables and the role of HR staff. Human resource functions have changed considerably in the last twenty years; the functions of the department have evolved with the changing economic times. In The Dynamics of Human Resources, Yasser identifies these changes and discusses the important facets of a human resource department. This guide provides a non-academic look at how to: Hire the best candidates Retain the best employees Build trust between management and employees Train and instruct employees Distinguish a great employee from a good employee Establish and protect the organization's values The Dynamics of Human Resources supplies the necessary details to manage a successful HR department which involves hiring the best employees and sustaining and retaining the high-performing employees. It demonstrates how a position in human resources can be a rewarding career.

A Journey Into the Noble Practice of Managing Human Capital Yasser Al Salman.
from the decision-making. In fact, this sense of idealism in the HR professional
offers her the high pedestal of nobility, and this is what is most appealing in the
profession. Objectivity and integrity in her responsibilities and her profession is
the supreme concern in the life of the HR professional. There are specific
characteristics of the HR leader who is naturally a good socializer. Her attitude
reflects two ...

Osama Among Us


Osama bin Laden, alias Santos Poquito, has quietly slipped into America via Mexico, developed a knack for cooking, wins a competition, and becomes the president's master barbecue chef. Talbert Pressler, a newly minted member of Homeland Security, recognizes Osama at a presidential party in Washington, exposes him, but cannot bring himself to turn him in because he realizes Osama is a reformed man. Through a series of events, Talbert, Talbert's wife, Mildred, and Osama take a road trip across the country to resettle the ex-terrorist in Utah where he is seen as a prophet who relishes the polygamist lifestyle. But to Talbert's surprise Osama reappears as "numero uno" presidential chef Santos Poquito at a Republican function in California. The president, as well as Talbert's supervisor, Divine Mauler, have no clue Osama and Santos Poquito are one and the same man. Talbert's greatest fear is soon realized; the president, easily swayed by religious fervor, may have converted to Islam, which jeopardizes Talbert's coveted position at Homeland Security and the war on terror. If you're a little overwhelmed by America's frenzy for "security", then this humorous parody is the book for you.

If you're a little overwhelmed by America's frenzy for "security", then this humorous parody is the book for you.

The Man Who Killed Osama

When Jake Darren meets Jo Anne Arnout, he's immediately smitten by her beauty. He convinces her to marry him, and the two set out on what's supposed to be a romantic honeymoon in Beirut, Lebanon. But a funny thing happens during their trip: Jake kills Osama bin Laden, not once, but twice. And as if that isn't enough to liven up the adventure, he then has an out-of-body experience on the Himalayan border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Even as Jake realizes that he's actually killed imposters, he becomes convinced that God has chosen him to accomplish great things. Meanwhile, the real Osama receives similar messages of greatness from Heaven through the Archangel Gabriel. But this is what Jake gets for marrying the daughter of a Chicago drug dealer with al-Qaeda connections. Of course, it doesn't help that his beautiful mother-in-law was once in love with the most notorious terrorist in the world-before the events of September 11, of course. Despite the raucous ride with familial complications, Jake knows that he must not give up. He must track down the wily terrorist at all costs, so that history will remember him as The Man Who Killed Osama.

Meanwhile, the real Osama receives similar messages of greatness from Heaven through the Archangel Gabriel. But this is what Jake gets for marrying the daughter of a Chicago drug dealer with al-Qaeda connections.

Osama Bin Laden's Personal Diary


Skulking in the caves along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, the world's most wanted terrorist passes his days playing Monopoly, watching The Simpsons and Sex in the City, safeguarding his tub of yoghurt from a thieving comrade, phoning Mummy in Saudi Arabia, planning his Memorial Library, and fantasizing about having a passionate affair with either Laura Bush (with whom he is totally besotted), Cherie Blair or, should all else fail, the wife of his best friend. Bin Laden also has to cope with the stress of being hunted by US Special Forces, preventing his deputy from taking over as leader of al-Qaeda, fearing that he looks Jewish, and filming new video releases for his enemies. When he's not popping Valium, he spends time wondering if his arch enemy in the White House is as stupid as he seems-and deciding that he is. This book-a fascinating mix of fact and fiction-shows bin Laden obsessing about internet pornography (using such sites to send encrypted messages), watching the Athens Olympics (which he doesn't bomb because he's desperate to see Ian Thorpe and the synchronized swimming), and even dreaming of one day eating at the Carnegie Deli and shopping at Neiman-Marcus.

LADEN's PERSONAL DIARY 2003—2004 David Craig iUniverse, Inc.

Movie Stars and Sensuous Scars

Essays on the Journey from Disability Shame to Disability Pride

"Steve Brown takes us on a profound journey of his many steps, the many turnings of the wheels that have borne him through his life to the present moment. His shock, his anger, his bitterness, and, ultimately, his courage in the face of adversity, not only educate but remind us of his fine humanity as well as our own. His advocacy doesn't preach but teaches. With words describing his life and the lives of those close to him, he opens a wide door through which any who can read or care to grow can pass." -Mark Medoff, Author of Children of a Lesser God "Disability culture is at the heart and soul of the disability movement, and in Steve Brown's writings we see that culture shining in all its glory. " -Mary Johnson, Editor, Ragged Edge magazine "Movie Stars and Sensuous Scars is a powerful book. I strongly relate to Steve's writing and ideas. The writing is clear and flows well. The ideas are beautifully radical. He gives true insight into disability and people with disabilities. His is a voice demanding to be heard." -David Pfeiffer, Disability Studies Quarterly editor

Essays on the Journey from Disability Shame to Disability Pride Steven E. Brown.
A. HEALING. JOURNEY. [I conclude this collection, as I began, with an essay
about my own health, my perspectives about Gaucher Disease, and how it is all
intertwined throughout my life. After years of writing and talking about pain, I felt
compelled to describe this journey once more a few years ago. Many changes
had occurred in my life, including interactions with a variety of alternative healers.