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A Guide to Old English

A comprehensive introduction to Old English, combining simple, clear philology with the best literary works to provide a compelling and accessible beginners’ guide. Provides a comprehensive introduction to Old English Uses a practical approach suited to the needs of the beginning student Features selections from the greatest works of Old English literature, organized from simple to more challenging texts to keep pace with the reader Includes a discussion of Anglo-Saxon literature, history, and culture, and a bibliography directing readers to useful publications on the subject Updated throughout with new material including the first 25 lines from Beowulf with detailed annotation and an explanation of Grimm’s and Verner’s laws

This idiom occurs with verbsother than willan, e.g.he sætonðæm muntum,
weopond hearpode which can conveniently be translated 'hesaton the mountains
, weeping and harping'. Similar examples occur with an initial negative, e.g.