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Information Technology & Financial Services

The New Partnership

The development of new electronic virtual markets means that banks can now offer new and improved levels of customer service. Information Technology and Financial Services offers a thorough examination of the benefits that can be gained from the application of the new technologies to banking. The book opens with an overview of the impact of technology on the business of banking and discusses the issues that management needs to consider in order to implement these new technologies successfully. Case studies are used extensively to explore subjects ranging from the view of the customer (Bank One, US) to the role of the branch network (Znrcher Kantonalbank, Switzerland) and from market dealing and settlement (Nikko Securities, Japan) to electronic banking services for customers (The Royal Bank of Scotland, Great Britain).

As hankers face the certainty that technology will increasingly influence the
development of the banking industry. technology firms have come to realize that
hanking is one of the largest and most sophisticated markets for their products.