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Dead Sleep

They are called "The Sleeping Women." A series of unsettling paintings in which the nude female subjects appear to be not asleep, but dead. Photojournalist Jordan Glass has another reason to find the paintings disturbing...The face on one of the nudes is her own-or perhaps the face of her twin sister, who disappeared and is still missing. At the urging of the FBI, Jordan becomes both hunter and hunted in a search for the anonymous artist-an obsessed killer who seems to know more about Jordan and her family than she is prepared to face...

A pork loin with what smells like honeyandbrownsugar glaze, cheese grits,
cathead biscuits, and a token salad. After months of Asian food, these smells from
childhood nearly overwhelm my senses. Jane is everywhere around me. She
and I were raised knowing nothing of fine china, so naturally she spent months
deciding on the fine old Royal Doulton pattern that sits before me now. Same with
the Waterford crystal and Reed & Barton silver. “It looks terrific, doesn't it?” I tell