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Technology-Based Learning

Maximizing Human Performance and Corporate Success

Companies worldwide are recognizing the critical importance of harnessing the learning capabilities of people and technology in the workplace. Technology-Based Learning: Maximizing Human Performance and Corporate Success shows how to capture and leverage this power, through techniques of knowledge management. This comprehensive overview examines the advantages and disadvantages of learning technologies, and provides a guide for selecting, costing, and applying the various techniques. Technology in the workplace has many overwhelming possibilities-so many that they've left many managers and HRD professionals confused and perplexed. Let Marquardt and Kearsley show you how to bring technology under control to meet the needs of your company and your employees.

Learning. Technologies. for. Maximizing. Human. Performance. At the Boeing
Training Center in Seattle, Washington, pilots and ground crew technicians are
trained via integrated CD-ROM and laser discs. Training modules are
downloaded into the network. Each training carrel includes a Windows-based PC
, where laser animation and audio can be overlaid on a computer-generated
graphic to stimulate changing scenery or weather conditions outside a cockpit "