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Comparative Studies in Continental and Anglo-American Legal History

Anglo-American Law and Canon Law: Canonical Roots of the Common Law Tradition

Hauptbeschreibung In the book at issue, the author endeavors to demonstrate a fact that has often been neglected by many Anglo-American legal historians: the Anglo-American legal tradition has more elements in common with Continental law than is frequently believed (Continent = European; continental law and doctrine: see also ""ius commune, ius utrumque""). The ""insularity"" of English law has never been complete. The learned laws, and particularly the canon law, have also played a very significant role in the historical evolution of English law. The formative process of the common.

Chapter 2 Isolation and European Inspiration on Anglo-American Law 1. The
Presumed Insularity of English Law Among classical English historians of law, it
is frequent to find abundant references to the evolution of continental law, setting