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Ethics in Human Communication

Sixth Edition

Broad in scope, yet precise in exposition, the Sixth Edition of this highly acclaimed ethics text has been infused with new insights and updated material. Richard Johannesen and new coauthors Kathleen Valde and Karen Whedbee provide a thorough, comprehensive overview of philosophical perspectives and communication contexts, pinpointing and explicating ethical issues unique to human communication. Chief among the authors objectives are to: provide classic and contemporary perspectives for making ethical judgments about human communication; sensitize communication participants to essential ethical issues in the human communication process; illuminate complexities and challenges involved in making evaluations of communication ethics; and offer ideas for becoming more discerning evaluators of others communication. Provocative questions and illustrative case studies stimulate reflexive thinking and aid readers in developing their own approach to communication ethics. A comprehensive list of resources spotlights books, scholarly articles, videos, and Web sites useful for further research or personal exploration.

Communication. “North Americans . . . too often assume that people elsewhere
hold comparable values, or would, at least if they were given the opportunity.”
Thus John Condon underscores the fact that standards for ethical communication
rooted in a North American value system, such as the political perspectives
discussed in chapter 2, are not widely shared throughout the world. Criteria of
linear logic, empirical observation, and objective truth are not used to assess
communication ...