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History of the Library of Congress

Volume I, 1800-1864

Volume I, 1800-1864 William Dawson Johnston, Library of Congress. LIST OF
PLATES - i. View of the Capitol in 1840, showing the Library in the center. From
Nathaniel P. Willis American scenery. Drawings by W. H. Bartlett, vol. 1, title-page
Frontispiece Opposite page 2. Elbridge Gerry. From an engraving by Koevoets
after a drawing by Vanderlyn 18 , 3. Plan of principal story of Capitol in 1800.
From Glenn Brown. History of the United States Capitol (1900) , vol. 1 , plate 36. .
34 4.

The Library of Congress

Before the new building was occupied, Congress in the appropriation act of 1897
provided for the reorganization of the Library, created the office of register of
copyrights, and increased the number of employees. Dr. Spofford, to whose
unwearying zeal and enthusiasm the growth of the Library was largely due,
became chief assistant librarian in 1897 on the appointment of John Russell
Young as librarian. In 1 899 Herbert Putnam was called from the Boston Library
to the post made ...

Library of Congress Classification Schedules

Library of Congress. Clay industries. Pottery. Glass — Continued. 785
Periodicals and societies. Periodicals on glass alone, see TP 845. 787
Exhibitions, Museums, etc. 789 Directories. 790 Collected works. History. 791
General. 792 Ancient. 793 Medieval. 794 Modern. Country divisions. 797
America. 798 United States. 799 States, A-W. 800 Cities, A-Z. 801 Canada. 802
Other American, A-Z. 803 European countries, A-Z. 804 Other countries, A-Z.
Biography. 805 General.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

The cataloging, which is often referred to as AC cataloging, is available from
many sources because of its distribution on the Library of Congress MARC tapes
and inclusion in the Library of Congress Cataloging-In-Publication Program.
Records are prepared using the MARC 21 format for authorities, AACR2 rules,
valid Library of Congress subject headings, valid Annotated Card Program
subject headings, current Library of Congress subject cataloging policies and
practices, and ...

A Complement to Genealogies in the Library of Congress

A Bibliography

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