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Advanced System Modelling and Simulation with Block Diagram Languages

Advanced System Modelling and Simulation with Block Diagram Languages explores and describes the use of block languages in dynamic modelling and simulation. The application of block diagrams to dynamic modelling is reviewed, not only in terms of known components and systems, but also in terms of the development of new systems. Methods by which block diagrams clarify the dynamic essence of systems and their components are emphasized throughout the book, and sufficient introductory material is included to elucidate the book's advanced material. Widely used continuous dynamic system simulation (CDSS) languages are analyzed, and their technical features are discussed. This self-contained resource includes a review section on block diagram algebra and applied transfer functions, both of which are important mathematical subjects, relevant to the understanding of continuous dynamic system simulation.

3.9 VisSim General Description VisSim is an advanced, easy to use, object-
oriented general purpose simulation language, originally designed for use with
MS Windows. As we pointed out before (Karayanakis, 1993), a tactical advantage
of VisSim (and other similar languages) emerges from its creation as a PC-based
product rather than as a conversion from mainframe software. In this context,
VisSim is a cutting-edge, powerful block diagram language with an outstanding
schematic ...