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The Road for SEEM. A Reference Framework Towards a Single European Electronic Market

“Become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge based economy in the world by 2010” is the major objective of the Lisbon strategy for the European Community. The European Commission re-launched the Lisbon strategy in a new initiative called i2010 – a European Information Society for growth and employment, to promote a Single European Information Space (SEIS). The aim of this initiative is to promote a borderless European information space and establishing an internal market for electronic communications and digital services, to stimulate innovation through investment in research, to encourage the industrial application of ICT, and to make the European information society as inclusive and accessible as possible. SEEM (Single European Electronic Market) is a SEIS contributor, and its goal is to integrate electronic value chains, so that companies, organizations and individuals from different Member States can be linked without experiencing any access or interoperability problems. SEEM facilitates electronic transactions in business environments with appropriate legal aspects and regulations, with no national exclusions or special conditions prevailing. It will be affordable to all with an electronic work environment in which the networks of organizations that create added value products and services are supported by common tools and services towards an effective electronic market. This book presents the main results of the prospective study performed by the SEEMseed project, and includes contributions from more than 1400 experts in Europe and abroad. The Road for SEEM: A REFERENCE FRAMEWORK TOWARDS A SINGLE EUROPEAN ELECTRONIC MARKET will be of interest to managers and senior researchers in the area of ICT and business, to policy makers, and to ICT engineers and post-graduates.

The innovations available today and in the near future from web, mobile
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