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Political Action is an innovative study of conventional and unconventional political behaviour in five developed nations. How and why do people engage in the various forms of political action and protest? What differences do age, education, and degree of deprivation make? An unusual example of cross-national collaboration that is a treasure-trove of data, a source of provocative explanations, and an exemplar of sophisticated research strategies.'The whole of this book will be read only by specialists; it is an important book all the same. Drawing on survey data from Britain, Holland, West Germany, the United States and Austria, the authors seek to explain the waves of political protest that swept through the advanced industrial democracies in the late 1960's.' -- The Economist, February 23, 1980

Allan H. Barton and R. Wayne Parsons, "Measuring Belief System Structure,"
Public Opinion Quarterly, 41 (Summer 1977), pp. 176-177. Barton and Parsons
report measures of constraint for the following elite groups: large corporation
presidents, labor leaders, higher civil servants, politically appointed federal
officials, mass media leaders, voluntary association leaders, Democratic and
Republican congressmen and party officials, large corporation vice-presidents
and military leaders ...