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The Christian Passing Through the Valley of Death. A Sermon, on Occasion of the Death of Lieut.-Colonel the Honourable James Stewart, C. B. Preached ... 31st July, 1836, Etc

that the LORD would then manifest Himself to his soul, and lift up the light of His
countenance upon him, and dispel the shades of the dark valley: that He would
be close at hand, as his Guardian and his Guide. And therefore, in another place,
he saith, “The LoRD is my light “and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The “LORD
is the strength of my life; of whom “shall I be afraid?” In the conclusion of the text,
which we would now proceed to consider, David more fully sets forth the sources
of ...

Cobbett's Legacy to Peel; or, An inquiry with respect to what the ... baronet will now do with the House of commons, with Ireland, with the English Church and the dissenters. In 6 letters

may have, I know not; but, this I do know, that they have stood openly proclaimed
bankers, under the very noses of their bishops; and, if all this be true, do you
persuade yourself that you will bring the people of England back to look up with ...

A practical grammar of the English language

in which the principles established by Lindley Murray, are inculcated, and the theory of modes clearly illustrated by diagrams, representing the number of tenses in each mode, their signs and the manner in which they are formed

There are many particulars connected with the science of English Grammar,
which cannot with advantage be presented to a ... By attempting to do through
books what can be done to advantage by the living teacher only, and blending
primary ...