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A popular and complete English dictionary

By adding n, or en, to the present or past tenses. Break broke broken. Choose
chose chosen. Fall fell fallen. Take took taken. IV. By retaining the ung of the
Saxon; as — Sing sang sung. V. By adopting ght into the past tense and perfect ...

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Past Tense. Singular. Plural. 1. I should 1. We should. 2. Thou shouldst 2. You
should. 3. He should 3. They should. WILL. Present Tense. Singular. Plural. 1. I
will 1. We will. 2. Thou wilt 2. You will. 3. He will 3. They will. Past Tense. Singular

The English journal of education, ed. by G. Moody

and experimental philosophy, together with the moderators and examiners for
mathematical honours for the time being, as well as those of the two years
immediately preceding, he constituted a board of mathematical studies ; whose
duty it ...

Diary of Walter Yonge, Esq

Justice of the Peace, and M.P. for Honiton, Written at Colyton and Axminster, Co. Devon, from 1604 to 1628

Encyclopédie théologique

ou, Serie de dictionnaires sur toutes les parties de la science religieuse ... t. 1-50, 1844-1862; nouv, ser. t. 1-52, 1851-1866; 3e ser

Ginmias, Ginnis. G unies, Zinderuu, i ivière qui paiu à hpuhan. Gyzieus, Zitik.
Uaddina, Uaddinyton. lladranum, Aderno. Iladria, Atrï, Adria. lladriaui, Edrenos.
Hadriannpoli-, Andrinople. Iladuiianum, Haluan. Hal'uia, Copenhague. Ilaga,

Dictionnaire de géographie sacrée et ecclésiastique

Gyarus, Joura, île. Gymnusiæ lusulau, île: Major-que et Minorque. Gimnias,
Ginnis. Gyndes, Zinderou, rivière qui pneu à Ispulmn. Gyzicus, Zieik. llassia, lime.
liastopolis. lialisbonne. llalra, Haldir. Hayna, Hain. Hebron, Habronn ou Cabr-