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Ibn Khallikan's Biographical Dictionary Translated from the Arabic by Bn. Mac Guckin De Slane

Paris Oriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1871

Ibn Hazm, Abi] Muhammad, 30. Ibn Hazm, Aha SAlih, 359. 'HerAt,. 414. 'HilAl lbn
Yahya, 266. Hind , daughter of al-Muhallab, 179. *Hishém Ibn Abd al-Malik, 435,
tar, 1.40, 41.4. Hisn al-Akrhd, 529. Hisn lbn Omltra, 408. Hittin (now Hattln), 514,
515. al-Honferi, 515. 'Ibn Harmuz al-AAraj, 272. Ibn al-Hosain, 58. Hosain lbn
Numair as Sakuni , 161. Ibn al-HubAb, 566. '11»: Hubaira, Yahya, 111, 126. 'lbn
Hubaira , Yazid lbn Omar, 204. ' Bam' Hfid, 460. lbn End, 347. al-Hndaii lbn Zutar,

Safe and happy, words of help and encouragement to young women

... speak of sermons and the like ; and yet would tell lies about the family, to every
one almost who came to the door. I suppose scarcely any reader would act in this
way. But take heed what you say : don't make much of small matters, don't look at
everything in the worst light, don't exaggerate. If you meet a fellow-servant, could
you not find out a few faults of your own to tell her, instead of speaking about
those of your mistress ? I am very sure that slander and tittle-tattle brings great
guilt ...

The Araish- i - mahfil, or the Ornament of the Assembly, literaly trans Cated from the oordoo by Major Henry Court

Their towns here are generally built in the midst of trees, that is to say, they make
their houses in such a place, that there are trees all around them, and God forbid
that one house should catch fire, for in that case the whole village would be
burned ; besides, none of them know their houses except by the means of those
trees. The Boriya* also of this country in smoothness is almost equal to silk, and
in cleanness is somewhat better than Mahmudi Chandni ;-I- rather, in the hot
weather a ...

A New Dictionary of the Portuguese and English Languages

Containing All the Vocables in Common Use, with a Selection of Terms Obsolescent Or Obsolete Connected with Polite Literature Technical Terms, Or Such as are in General Use in the Arts, Manufactures, and Sciences, in Naval and Military Language, in Law, Trade, and Commerce, &c., &c., &c

EMIR, s emir, a title given to the descendants of Mahomet by Fatimah; a Turkish
lord. It answers to our word commander. (From amar to command.) EMISFERIO.
V. Hemispherio. EMISSAO, s. emission, ejection, the act of sending out. A – dos ...

A Chinese and English Vocabulary in the Pekinese Dialect

Most of the Numeratives or Classifiers in common ue will be found under the
character 111 —-, and although there is in general but one example of each, (
except in cases where there is a striking dissimilarity in the use of them), this has
been ...