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Studies of the Shape of Asphaltic Particles in Petroleum

Studies on the Shape of Asphaltic Particles in Petroleum By Zuhair Abdul Razzak
Munir B.S. (University of California) 1956 THESIS Submitted in partial satisfaction
of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE in Engineering ...

State and Regional Action for Mental Health Research

Report of the Panel on Mental Health Research in the South, Williamsburg, Va., August 26-28, 1957

facilities available to faculty members, and by rewarding research productivity;
utilizing in research programs teachers, guidance workers, and laymen to relieve
highly trained research people of routine tasks and thus extend their
effectiveness ...

Frontiers of community research and action

a symposium, May 8, 1958 on the occasion of the retirement of John H. Kolb, professor of rural sociology, University of Wisconsin, Madison