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Polybius and His World

Essays in Memory of F.W. Walbank

Polybius and his World honours F. W. Walbank's achievement by bringing together a number of leading scholars in the fields of Hellenistic historiography and history.

All references in this chapter are to Walbank's own publications unless specified;
Walbank's papers are referred to by their first date of publication in English. 2
1992a: 76–7. The memoir covers Walbank's life until 1946; Walbank's extensive
papers, lodged in the University of Liverpool's Sydney Jones Library, include
notes preparatory to a subsequent memoir, 'Summary of years 1946–1977': SCA
D1037/2/3/21/57. 3 Explored by Henderson 2001a. 4 2002: 2. Five vols. 1.
Introduction: ...