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Brain and Perception

Holonomy and Structure in Figural Processing

Comprehensively addressing the development of thinking from a wide variety of perspectives, this volume presents original work from cognitive psychologists, curriculum specialists, federal government and business leaders, politicians, educational theorists, and other prominent figures specializing in this complex field. These experts provide directives for teacher education, textbook development, classroom activities, administrative policies, publication procedures, business connections, community education strategies, and whole school projects as sample plans of action. Designed to spark adoptions of the solutions it proposes, this book suggests significant steps that can be taken to move toward more advanced thinking instruction in our educational systems.

SUMMARY The facts of optical processing by lens and pupil are agreed upon
and therefore make a good starting point for an examination of the perceptual
process. Distinguishing between processing performed by the optics of the eye
from that performed by the retina allows for the occurrence of a moving optical
image, that is, an optical flow. This flow is not two-dimensional, but richly
multidimensional. The multidimensionality is complemented by the richness of
the retinal receptor ...