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Islam in History

Ideas, People, and Events in the Middle East

From secular-minded autocrats like Saddam Hussein to religious fundamentalists like Osama bin Laden, powerful voices in the Islamic world have been united by a fierce hatred of the West. If we want to know why they think the way they do, we have to understand the history of Islam and its continuous interactions with the West. This masterly collection of essays by a leading expert on Islam and the Middle East ranges over the whole sweep of Islamic history and Western attempts to comprehend it.

He did, however, devote some attention to India and Southeast Asia, and
sketched the theory of the Asiatic mode of production, which was subsequently
developed by others. Not surprisingly, given the inadequate and inaccurate
information available to them, the contribution of the sociological founding fathers
to ... One case is of special interest—that of Karl Marx. Marxist analysis of Islam
has been, broadly, of three types. One of these is the doctrine of the Asiatic mode
of production.