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Modern Research Topics in Aerospace Propulsion

In Honor of Corrado Casci

This volume is published in honor of Corrado Casci; distinguished international figure devoted to scientific study, research, teaching, and leadership. It is the compilation of contributions by world-renowned scientists on the cutting-edge of the field of aerospace propulsion. These scientists have put together topics that cover a wide range of research in this field. The five main areas covered are: combustion, liquid sprays, computational fluid dynamics, turbomachinery and power cycles, and flight dynamics. Both researchers and practitioners in industry, as well as students (post-graduate level) will find this volume most appealing.

1981) and silica optical fibers, interest has developed in the possibility of using
various combustion techniques to create high-temperature materials. Ulrich (
1971, 1984) has reviewed most of the work related to the gas phase combustion
reactions in which optical-grade silica and metal oxides can be formed.
Merzhanov and Borovin- skaya (1975) and Holt (1983, 1986) and Holt and Munir
(1986) have written about the formation of refractory materials by reactions of
solids similar ...