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Physical Chemistry Research for Engineering and Applied Sciences, Volume One

Principles and Technological Implications

The aim of this book is to provide both a rigorous view and a more practical, understandable view of industrial chemistry and biochemical physics. This book is geared toward readers with both direct and lateral interest in the discipline. This volume is structured into different parts devoted to industrial chemistry and biochemical physics and their applications. Every section of the book has been expanded, where relevant, to take account of significant new discoveries and realizations of the importance of key concepts. Furthermore, emphases are placed on the underlying fundamentals and on acquisition of a broad and comprehensive grasp of the field as a whole. With contributions from experts from both the industry and academia, this book presents the latest developments in the identified areas. This book incorporates appropriate case studies, explanatory notes, and schematics for more clarity and better understanding. This new book: • Highlights some important areas of current interest in biochemical physics and chemical processes • Focuses on topics with more advanced methods • Emphasizes precise mathematical development and actual experimental details • Analyzes theories to formulate and prove the physicochemical principles • Provides an up-to-date and thorough exposition of the present state of the art of complex materials Topics include: • Photoelectrochemical properties of films of extra-coordinated tetrapyrrole compounds and their relationship with the quantum chemical parameters of the molecules • Bio-structural energy criteria of functional states in normal and pathological conditions • The ozone resistance of covulcanizates butadiene–nitrile rubbers with chlorinated ethylene–propylene–diene elastomers • Ways of regulation of release of medicinal substances from chitosan films • Environmental durability of powder polyester paint coatings • Ozone decomposition • Design and synthesis of its derivative with enhanced potential to scavenge hypochlorite radical scavenging capacity of n-(2-mercapto-2-methylpropionyl)-L-cysteine • Bacterial poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) as a biodegradable polymer for biomedicine • Designing, analysis, and industrial use of the dynamic spray scrubber • Magnetic properties of organic paramagnet • The effect of antioxidant drug mexidol on bioenergetic processes and nitric oxide formation in the animal tissues

This three-volume set covers a significant amount of new research and
applications on physical chemistry for engineering ... Physical chemistry for
engineering and applied sciences applies physics and math to problems that
interest chemists, ...